FORMER Ibrox Star David Weir has laid bare the obsession everyone at Ibrox has about Celtic winning ten in a row.

In a candid interview, the former defender admitted that the Gers faithful would do ANYTHING and sacrifice whatever they needed to in order to stop Celtic winning ten in a row.

We have always maintained that there is a huge flaw in this mindset, they seem to really think they got to nine trophies in a row first when in fact it was Jock Stein’s Celtic who managed it first well before the Old Rangers managed it.

Celtic stopped Walter Smith’s side from breaking Celtic’s record on the final day of the 1998 season where goals from Henrik Larsson and Harold Brattback secured the League title in dramatic fashion.

Speaking about the obsession, Weir told the Scotsman:

The fear of ten [in a row league titles] won’t go away and that is the nature of the beast. Everyone knows that is in the back of every Rangers fan’s mind and that is the worst case scenario. They would sacrifice everything else for that to be stopped,”

Here we go ten in a row!



  1. There fear is so much they will do anything to stop it happening as every one knows 10 in a row could stand for 100 years or never be equaled or ever over taken ever again,if you have not seen it or not read it yet then they are saying that SG is going be backed with big money in the January window they are going go deeper in to debt to stop 10 in a row,it is now time to show our hand and buy the players that we want now and get them up to speed, the time to do this is now a new CF two midfielders and two CHs and bring them before some who want to go head off and ditch the dead wood put them up for sale now.
    Come on Celtic make the dream happening bring in the new faces NOW…

    • Agree,not as if we need wholesale changes,just enough to add quality to already here,if we do, and set the standards,they will go ape!!!!!financial they cannot keep up,knock them into oblivion!!!!

  2. Glasgow City did the ten first, so whatever Celtic do
    they will always be in the ladies shadow. I Wonder how the hun legions haven’t cottoned onto that fact yet??


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