During Neil Lennon’s first managerial run at Celtic Park, former Stoke player and Irish international Liam Lawrence claims the Celtic manager snubbed him after agreeing terms verbally on a move to Celtic.

The midfielder made the revelation he and Neil spoke about a move to Celtic from Stoke back in 2011 with Lawrence coming away from the call believing he was just weeks away from becoming a Celtic player.

However, after the alleged conversation where terms were said to be agreed, it all went south for the player’s dream move to his bhoyhood heroes.

Speaking to Talksport as cited by the Daily Record, Lawrence gave details on the failed move.

“It was when I was leaving Stoke. I had a conversation with Lennon and things progressed.

“We were away with Ireland at the time in Dublin and he came to the hotel and met me.

“We had a chat in a private room – I don’t know if I should be talking about this to be honest!

“We had the chat, sort of agreed terms, if you like and agreed everything.

“But after the meeting it went quiet and I never heard from him again. Things happen in football, it happens.

“He never spoke to me again, we left messages. But that’s football, things moved on and I ended up going to Pompey.”

If true, this would be poor form. The lad is a Celtic supporter and while not many will grumble he never signed for the hoops. If you believe you’re on the brink of a move and then you get nothing but radio silence from the manager – it must have been frustrating.

Neil is currently back in charge of the club on an interim basis and is probably a reason why the subject was brought up.


  1. Neil could not agree terms with a player of another club – not last time, this time or anytime.
    That is not part of his job.

    I think the phrase “sort of agreed terms” tells you everything.
    A non-story.


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