In a rather strange move, former Chelsea and Liverpool star Glen Johnson told Jim White on TalkSport he would come out of retirement to join Celtic if he was asked this summer.

As we don’t listen to TalkSport we have very little context when it comes to how this question came about but Glen has retired and at the age of 34, his best days are behind him.

When asked if he’d come out of retirement for Celtic the 50 plus England capped player replied: “Yeah. I’d get my boots on, no drama.” 

Celtic are looking for a new right back this summer but we don’t think they’ll be looking for an old new full back!

Johnson had a tremendous career but the notion we pluck anyone out of retirement to help the club move forward would be something that wouldn’t go down well.

There’s lots of players who are retired or getting on a bit who would love to come to Celtic but stuff like that should never be entertained. The Ibrox club are currently paying Jermaine Defoe a handsome wage and he’s helped them win nothing.


  1. If he had said that that at 24 even 29 now that would have been great,its diehards we need to go for 9 and 10 but they must be playing week in week out before they come,look they are adding diehards its time to forget buying in to many under 21s we got to hit the ground running and never stop next season,this is not a dream they are coming and now it is time to hit back with our own signings that there remit will be to go and get 9…


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