Signed from Manchester City on a short term loan deal, Georgios Samaras would go onto sign for the club on a permanent basis that summer and make 243 appearances for the club winning seven trophies.

Always a bit of an enigma, Samaras split the fans on plenty of occasions and there was a common acceptance you would know what type of performance you were getting out of the big man within the first five minutes of a game.

Sometimes he was unplayable and other times he was a headless chicken.

However, as a man he was respected by the Celtic support and there’s genuine love between the support and Samaras to this day.

Speaking about his time at Celtic, the former frontman described it as the ‘pinnacle’ of his career.

“I enjoyed my time at Manchester City, but I was then able to go to a magnificent club like Celtic.” Samaras told RecordSport.

“Basically, Celtic were the pinnacle of my football career. I spent seven years there and had a great deal of success.”I felt very loved by everyone in Glasgow. It was a relationship of affection for both parties and for many years, which is something very nice.

“People called me an idol there, but the truth is that I do not like those words. It was a very happy time for me personally and professionally and I gave Celtic 100 per cent.

“If I managed to add something to the history of Celtic, then great. If I didn’t, then that’s fine too.

“I still love the club and they will always be in my heart.”

Samaras retired at 33 last year surprising many. He currently occupies Greek club OFIs boardroom.

It’s safe to say if the Greek striker ever returned to Glasgow he wouldn’t have to put his hand in his pocket for a pint.


  1. I agree totally Icrumblish. Samaras was everything you said as well as being honest, humble, loyal and a team player. A fantastic player and most importantly, a fantastic person. Class.


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