DAVID MOYES has not ruled out the possibility of managing either Celtic or The Rangers in the future.

Speaking to Simon Ferry on OpenGoal the Scotsman said the jobs would be appealing to him because Scotland is his home.

Moyes had a chat with Celtic’s majority shareholder Dermot Desmond two years ago before Desmond managed to land Brendan Rodgers.

The former Everton and Man Utd boss says he was close a couple of times to becoming Celtic manager.

“I’ve been close to a few of them once or twice and thought about it a lot. I would be.

“It’s my home and I’d like to come back and do it sometime, but while the Premier League’s so strong, that would probably still remain my interest.”

Translation: If I can’t milk the Premier League honey tree then I’d be up for coming to Scotland and wind down a little.

Moyes is a former Celtic player and there was a time when the majority of Celtic fans would have welcomed him to the club.

Fans have moved on and so has time. Since leaving Everton, Moyes has gone from one disaster to the next.




  1. keep him well away from Celtic park ,that man talks so much shite ,it would go down in Celtics history as one of the worst managerial decisions ever made ,along with the likes of Barnes and Macari in m h o


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