On Monday, Alexandre Pato posted a cryptic post of a four leaf clover on his social media, prompting Celtic fans to have a bit of banter with him about moving to Celtic.

The former Milan striker who now plays his football in the Chinese Super League is still only 28 but any thought of him actually moving to Celtic is ludicrous when you hear the amount of money he’s paid to play in China.

That didn’t stop Celtic fans joking with him with one fan posting a very makeshift photo of Pato’s head on a Celtic player.

When the Brazillian seen the post he replied, but just like his emoji post it was pretty short.

We’re not sure if that’s a pity laugh or a genuine one but Pato now knows what he’d look like in the Hoops.

If that doesn’t get him to cut his millions of pounds for a move to Celtic – we don’t know what will!



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