Former Celtic player and ex-celtic coach Alan Thompson has jumped off the Neil Lennon bandwagon after the latest poor result.

Thompson has been getting into things lately on social media and backing the manager to turn things around. Tonight after first questioning the fans support, the Geordie then came to the conclusion the club needs change.

We can only surmise he means a change of manager.

Thompson was a faithful Lennon decipher and has regularly back his former team-mate but like Chris Sutton, there can be no more excuses.

The team is not reacting to the manager and things need to change.

The board have been reluctant to get rid of the manager but surely even they can’t see this go on further.

Nobody gains from a Neil Lennon stay at this point but our rivals. It’s harsh and we get no pleasure in pointing it out but the manager has to go and if he cared enough about the club he’d walk.


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