JOHN HARTSON has today demanded that Celtic release a statement that would publicly demonstrate their backing of Ange Postecoglou.

After a mixed start, dropping out of the Champions League and losing on the opening weekend Postecoglou came under fire from the media and even some Celtic fans.

However, given the state the squad was in when the Greek-Aussie inherited it, he’s done a fairly decent job so far. The boss picked up his first away win over Aberdeen on Sunday.

Speaking on Go Radio, Hartson demanded that the Celtic board step up to the plate and show their backing of their manager;

“I do think there should be a statement coming out from Celtic to say ‘we’re in transition, we’ve had to build a whole new team, we’ve made a lot of changes, and we’re behind Ange.’

“Whether or not they’re telling him that internally [I don’t know]. But I just feel as if that would stop a lot of the noise about Celtic.

“In January we’re maybe going to strengthen. Give him another window or two more windows. He’ll be feeling pressure and I just feel that would help the cause.”

However, the likeliness of this happening is not very high. Just this summer Dermot Desmond showed his unwillingness to talk to the media and would prefer to drip the information to sources of the tabloid media. [read more]

I suppose January will be key to see if the board do indeed back Postecoglou. If they do believe in their manager, Celtic will be welcoming several signings to Glasgow.


  1. DD is only interested in the bottom line and bankier has shown that he has nothing but sheer contempt for the working class Celtic Supporter, he doesn’t even try to hide it or is incapable of doing so.


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