FORMER Liverpool and Fulham star Danny Murphy believes Steven Gerrard would likely be the best player on the pitch if he were to pull on his boots against Celtic on Sunday.

Murphy played alongside Gerrard during his career and made it clear his old team-mate would likely score the winner at Celtic Park given the chance.

Gerrard took over the Ibrox hot seat in the summer with many believing he was the man to bring silverware to the club this season, but it hasn’t panned out like that and we get the feeling Murphy’s comments would be the same.

It’s so easy to make sweeping statements like this when there’s no chance of them happening. Gerrard was a great player in his day but now after hanging up his boots, it’s ridiculous and a bit insulting to both sets of players Murphy has spotted this nonsense.

We’ve seen world cup stars and Premier League pretenders come up here in recent years and do absolutely nothing. Gerrard has a lot in common with these guys although his failings have come trackside.


  1. Oh Danny Bhoy, admirable loyalty to a former team mate, but we could play this whitaboutery all day, with the likes of Dalglish, Rush, Paul McStay etc.

  2. Don’t think it is loyalty to slippy G he just hates celtic never got a good word for us another yes man say no more

  3. Disrespectful arrogant nonsense. If you loom back he probable predicted Gerrard would win every trophy in Scotland. Im sure given how poor his team has been Gerrard would have played himself if he was capable . Like I say arrogant nonsense


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