FORMER SCOTLAND BOSS, Berti Vogts insists Celtic have absolutely no chance of getting a result against Bayern Munich.

Bayern have had a few weeks of turmoil through bad results, injuries and sacking their manager Carlo Ancelotti.

However, Berti thinks none of this will matter and believes Celtic will be swept aside.

“I think Celtic has no chance in Munich”, the former Scotland and Germany boss told Herald Scotland.

“This really is a must-win match for Bayern.

“If they can’t win their matches against Celtic they won’t reach the last 16 so I am afraid that it is just too important to then.

“In fact, I can see Bayern winning both matches against Celtic, because they know if they win both matches they are through to the next round”, he added.


  1. Yeah and if Celtic win both games we are in the last 16 fuck off Bertie Bayern are no great team at moment and Celtic have the players to exploit those frailties both home and away they are no world beaters we know it’s a tough task but believe you me this will be Bayern’s toughest games ..c,Mon Celtic get fucking right in about them we can and will cause an upset ..HH

  2. Aye Berti, does the 2 games between us and Bayern ONLY mean that much tae the Germans??? Do you think Celtic are jist there ay be P.S.G’s and Bayern’s whipping Bhoys or suhin?? Listen here ya old fool ye, us Celtic fans demand success too, the 2 games against Bayern will determine whether or not WE make it through too, so it’s just, if not MORE important to us we get results aswell, and just the same as your saying, we’ll be looking to WIN at Paradise, so we’re also going to be going over to Germany to try for a result. Nothing would make me happier now than Celtic getting the majority of the 6 points as we absolutely LOVE putting arrogant and overconfident old gasbags like you in your place, coz it makes you look even more of a fanny whenever we DO and there’s nothing Celtic love more. HAIL HAIL

  3. Maybe under berties management we’d have no chance. The day he gets something right will be his first time. Shut it bertie! HAIL HAIL

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