We’re into Wednesday now and there’s no sign of anyone connected to the Ibrox club accepting the result from Sunday.

We’ve heard pundits cry Celtic having Fraser Forster on loan was an unfair advantage. Then there’s the ones who tell you how well The Rangers played and then there’s guys like former SFA and Ibrox Chief Gordon Smith who mention VAR without the slightest hint of irony.

We have the former head of the SFA moaning if VAR was involved in the cup final on Sunday then his team would have won. Aye, but they’d also be fourth in the SPFL table if it was used in Scotland. The number of penalties and offside decisions which have gone their way this season has been incredible and when we moan about it we’re told it evens itself up over the season.

Gordon Smith is another Ibrox fan boy who is hurting and bringing up the VAR argument proves it.

“Celtic’s goal was definitely offside and it would have been confirmed by VAR, had it been available in Scottish football.” Smith told RecordSport.

“I was a member of the Uefa and Fifa players’ committee in 2009 when I proposed video analysis should be considered to improve the decision-making in football.

“It was rejected by the rest of the panel because it would ‘spoil football’.”

I think we’ve broke them.


  1. The pundits comments re Fraser are nonsensical. I despair why they are included alongside a former SFA top digs comments . It detracts from the seriousness of Smiths comments. This man has let Rangers away with murder down the years. Its very far removed from an English shock jock trying to be controversial

  2. Gordon Smith. Another useless dim witted and opinionated “blue eyed boy” who has contributed the sum total of SFA (pun intended) to our game. It’s no surprise whatsoever that he’s hurting about Sunday, awhich is great! I completely agree that VAR should expose and neutralise the bias weighed toward the Ibrox new club’s ‘considerable’ honest mistakes list over the years, but let’s face it VAR in this country would end up manned and presided over by ‘good people of Rraynjurrz’ and the technology would only be used to nullify the opposition. In a country like ours, the rules, the refs, the press, the law and indeed any new advances in technology will not be used to destabilise the state sponsored team they all support.
    Dearly me that was pessimistic wasn’t it!! 1-0 onside and deserved. Bring on the next game!!!

  3. Life is not fair Gordon, or the huns would’ve been ejected from all Scottish leagues and had to start off in the pub team league. No they were allowed back in (abeit after paying their way back in at the demise of another Scottish team)

    As for the Var excuse, the story is that you cannot influence the video decision. Ohhh yes you can. As computers can’t view their own video, as a simian’s do that. Also simian’s you can influence by the use of yellow curved fruit items, flutes, big drums, brogues, sfa and money.
    Just like normal.

  4. They need to take a look back at the history of this fixture and they will see how many times it’s went in Rangers favour. Get over it the results can’t be changed.

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