FORMER SFA and Ibrox chief Gordon Smith has given a massive warning to his old employers about citing Scott Brown for ‘not acting in the best interests of association football’.

The die hard Gers fan has hit out at Scottish football’s governing body and believes they have opened a can of worms by trying to hold Scott Brown to account.

Celtic are currently fighting the charge levied against their captain after a hyperbolic week seen the SFA inexplicably take action four days after the game had ended.

Speaking to PLZ soccer, Smith was clear if the SFA try and uphold this charge then they would have to do it across the board and not just in high profile matches.

“There needs to be consistency. That’s what you look for.

“If this is going to be the case, you can’t just say ‘Oh, it happened in an Old Firm game, so we are going to take some action’.

“It would have to be consistent right across the board at all levels – don’t celebrate in front of opposition fans.

“Don’t go towards them and don’t gesture towards then. Andy Halliday was booked for gesturing against Morton a few years ago – and he was at the halfway line.

“We have to careful and we have to be consistent. You have to take every incident into account and do the same.”

Celtic said they would be defending their captain ‘vigorously’ after the bogus charge was announced.

Neil Lennon has also come out since telling fans his captain has done nothing wrong and his treatment by the Rangers players was ‘disgraceful.


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