As the Celtic family and the wider football community rallied around Leigh Griffiths after it was announced he would be taking a step back from football, former SPFL Chief and ‘Celtic Fan’ Roger Mitchell has taken to social media to attack the player.

Leigh has been struggling for some time now with his personal life and mental illness but there is no sympathy from Mitchell here.

At no point has leigh not taken responsibility for his actions.

The very notion you can’t have a mental illness because you have money in the bank is the kind of narrowminded and uneducated view we would expect from someone who presided over the biggest cheating scandal in Scottish history.

Not only does Roger’s comments lack substance, but they also lack class and a basic understanding of how mental health can affect anyone at any time.

Leigh is now getting help to sort out his demons and the Celtic support showed on Thursday night they’re right behind him.

As for Mitchell, let’s just hope he never has to deal with a debilitating mental illness. It’s something that wouldn’t be wished on anybody!



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