Former SPL chief and Celtic fan Roger Mitchell took a major swipe at the outgoing Peter Lawwell on Sunday, hours after Celtic were thumped 4-1 at Ibrox.

One Celtic fan wrote on social media ‘Any role at all for Peter Lawwell at Celtic, no matter how small then I’m out‘ to which Mitchell replied:

Given Celtic’s domestic success over the years, Peter Lawwell does believe he’s signing off having done his best for the club.

Mitchell hits the nail on the head and highlights so many Celtic supporters frustrations over the piece. Peter has always just tried to do enough and no more to be the best team in Scotland.

The way he approached Champions League qualifiers, refusing to buy early on many occasions and rolling the dice whether we got into the group stages or not. A tactic that’s seen us not qualify in four years.

There was never an ambition to speculate to accumulate, keeping the Hoops ticking over and just being better than our Glasgow rivals was enough. Lawwell’s complacency has set this club back years and it’s not a new thing.

If you shoot for the absolute best and you don’t quite make it, you’re still in a good place overall. If you shoot just to be that bit better than the rest – this season is the end result.

Lawwell repeatedly penny pinching while his own wage shot through the roof is the legacy he appears to be leaving.


  1. I’m surprised to see Mitchell, someone who should be aware of how our media works, used the phrase “…kept our foot on their throat…”. I can see the most offensive yet oh-so-easily offended brigade ala Chris “Union” Jack getting up in arms about such violent imagery especially at such a volatile time blah blah blah baws.

    He’s right though. I would’ve spent even more, crushed their windpipe and said “See you in about 5/6 years” to version 3.0.

  2. Mitchell is spot on, Lawwell presided over the most advantaged team ever due to The Rangers demotions, and thought he was better than he was by his actions. He should have stuck to accounting and instead of trying to be Mr Big in all footballing decisions, he is an embarassment, to the club and to himself and there is not a peep out of him or any of his merry men on the board, because they are clueless and in a state of shock, but still happy to pick their money up, whilst the great Celtic hope Kennedy does what all the fans expected of him, flounders when it comes to taking match winning decisions, he freezes and blames the referee.


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