In a candid exchange with the media, Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has laid out his vision for the club, emphasising the need for four quality signings since his arrival last summer. Rodgers, known for his strategic approach to team building, has been vocal about his plans to reshape the Celtic squad, balancing the influx of talent with the departure of existing players.

As the January transfer window approaches, Rodgers has made it clear that while immediate improvements are expected, the complete transformation of the squad will be a more prolonged process. “I felt when I in here in the summer, the squad that was already in place needed for quality players to continue to improve” he told CelticTV, underscoring his commitment to elevating the team’s overall calibre. This approach indicates a shift from a short-term fix to a long-term strategy, focusing on sustainable growth and development of the squad.

4th November 2023; Victoria Park, Dingwall, Scotland: Scottish Premiership Football, Ross County versus Celtic; Celtic Manager Brendan Rodgers speaks to the media after the match

The Celtic manager’s insight into the team’s dynamics and his openness about the need for enhancement have resonated with the fans. His methodical approach to restructuring — identifying and bringing in players who can contribute significantly to the team’s performance — reflects an understanding of the frustration many supporters are feeling after another poor European campaign.

However, Rodgers was quick to acknowledge that the process is more of a marathon than a sprint. “We’ll look to do it over the coming windows” he admitted.

As the transfer window gets closer, the Celtic fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of new faces, hoping they will be the catalyst for better results in Europe and better performances in the league.

The anticipation builds as Celtic prepares for their upcoming match, away against St Johnstone on Sunday. After a draw against Motherwell last weekend, the team is eager to bounce back and demonstrate their resilience.


  1. Could think of 3 straight off as a keeper, LB and striker?
    Would imagine that a DM would be the 4th in allowing calmac to push further forward imo.
    Still surprised that calmac still hasn’t been used in the Hatate role, while he’s unavailable, so can only guess Rodgers still doesn’t trust anyone else to play the calmac role currently, unless a game has actually been won?
    Yet again with a window opening soon enough, there will be a certain amount of attention turned to the player’s who don’t feature within the plans of Rodgers?
    Yet a fair few on longish contracts, so not so easy to offload?
    How much room is still available within the wage budget, which has been extended over the summer?
    Still should be plenty available still, but just how much are the board prepared to reduce the 72M by, which has already been reduced by a fair amount already?
    And no aussie trip to boost the coffers either?
    Expecting Philips to return to Liverpool and questionable about Paulo? Especially when not used to much within the SPFL?
    Will be a potential busy enough January, but offloading players could well be easier to achieve, than bringing the quality that Rodgers is looking for also during January?
    Still think a striker could be a loan with the option to buy, and may well apply to the LB position also imo, yet we still remain unsure about weather Rodgers actually wants to keep the team as a 433 long term either?


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