Celtic fan Frankie Boyle was watching Celtic beat Leipzig last night in the Europa League and couldn’t help but notice there was more than Celtic players celebrating French Eddy’s winner!

The sharp-tongued comedian took to Twitter to make comment on the pitch invader who managed to evade stewards and jump over a massive advertising board in order to get onto the field.

The fan, who got carried away with his celebration was eventually taken away by the stewards.

The second goal caught everyone off guard. Having just conceded an equaliser, the same old sinking feeling came to the forefront of many Celtic fans minds.

They have seen their side crumble after conceding late goals in Europe, but not this time!

No sooner, had we kicked off the ball was in the back of the net again, prompting the random bam to run instinctively towards his heroes.

However, Celtic could be in trouble if the pitch invader is mentioned in the match report by UEFA delegate.


  1. Makes a change, its mostly been the bamz in the standing section, getting Celtic fined for setting fire to their flares. They should maybe come to the geme in shorts. My ole mum told me you could get someone pregnant by kissing. And she should know as she birthed eight Celtic fanz.


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