Fraser Forster’s car pulled up to Lennoxtown today in a surprising turn of events as the goalkeeper reported for a covid-19 test.

A Record photographer caught the image of the goalies car heading for the Lennoxtown entrance on Wednesday although you couldn’t make out if it was Fraser driving.

The player was not expected to be there with his loan deal officially up and the club not announcing any new deal since.

Could this be a sign the player is coming in for the ten in a row season or was this just the first chance the player has got to return to Lennoxtown to pick up personal items which were left in when the football shut down came into play?

Celtic should hopefully clear up the issue in the coming days. If the club can keep the goalkeeper at Celtic Park going forward, it would be a massive boost.


  1. I only read this to make the following comment. I have never read anything on MR blog that I had not read hours or days previously on mainstream. should rename CAH copy and paste


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