FRASER FORSTER’S deal to return to Celtic looks all but dead after news broke last night and this morning about the current state of play.

The bhoys over at the Cynic don’t throw exclusives about lightly and have well placed sources who are able to provide some background from time to time.

Following on from the report yesterday evening the deal looked dead, the Cynic report that Fraser Forster has been told he will be moving up the pecking order at St Mary’s and the player is happy to stay under those terms.

This is a massive blow to Celtic’s transfer dealings. Forster was the main target for many supporters and probably Neil Lennon this summer. Unless something big changes it appears the club we’ll have to look elsewhere.

Joe Hart and David Marshall have been linked with a move lately, who knows what the club will do from here.


  1. That was not the case if Celtic could not get him on loan, there would be no Fraser here. they. Still. Had the. Chance. To buy. Him. but not. A. Chance of us spending money, and Lennon can stop making up stories as this is. The facts he was told we ain’t buying him


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