Football is a funny old game, even funnier when you have this lot foaming at the mouth.

Celtic’s defeat to Hibs yesterday put the champagne on ice for the champions elect, however, it was also a massive boost to Hibernian’s drive for second place with the result not helping the Ibrox side out one bit.

Of course, we all know what happened – don’t we?

Celtic lay down to Hibs in spectacular fashion, well according to the Ibrox support and their hangers on.

We even saw one guy call for a petition to look into match fixing, he swiftly deleted his tweet when it was opened up to ridicule.

Paranoid much?



  1. Seriously that Rancid Mob complaining about,Anything.So we got beat at Hibs.Sevco are up next at Paradise.Can feel the Oranje Fear,Its coming just be patient.The most corrupt Club to ever field a team of inelegible players calling Celtic frauds hahahahahahaha

  2. They lost every game 0-3 for a decade according to the rules which were routinely ignored by their place men at the SFA. Even a judge described it as akin to match fixing. Jokers all.

  3. The trouble with Clubs playing out of Ibrox is that they are so wrapped up in cheating, forgery, criminality, tax evasion,as well as an unhealthy sense of superiority, that they have no connection with reality whatsoever. They only understand cheating and an avoidance of playing by the rules. So it is no wonder that they cannot accept that others do play by the rules.

    Hibernian gave us a very good game yesterday and beat us fairly and squarely, with their players showing honest commitment and effort. It was a great game to watch, despite us losing. Mike Berry (above) is absolutely spot on with his observation that Hibs always give us good games which are closely fought. The referee also followed Mr Madden’s good example of refereeing last week, with a good and consistent display, free of the attention seeking gestures and schoolboy mannerisms of the absolutely pitiful Mr Collum. At no time since the Sevco surrender last week did I envisage an easy game, where we just need to turn up against Hibs. Well done the Hibees and well done their fans with their excellent rendition of sunshine in Leith at the end. Well done also to our own away support for the manner in which they applauded an excellent performance from Hibs, who were the better team on the day and have never at any time over the past few seasons given us anything other that a good and hard fought game. Credit is due here. The moronic imbeciles who think otherwise deserve only to be ignored if they cannot engage with reality.

    The Clumpany’s most recent article deserves a read and gives a wonderful account of what engaging in sport really is about.

    The fact is, we really do find the world of hatred, fear, cheating, rule bending, racism, fascism and hubris which bitter Sevcoites inhabit to be quite destestable and would rather they played somewhere else and took their ball with them. That goes for their most recent club too until they learn to engage with society without looking for the easy and unacceptable path all the time.

  4. The tribute act threw two games at the crumbledome against hibs and we never said a word, we didn’t say a thing when they threw the game against Killie on St. Patrick’s day and got thousands of Celtic fans drunk for nothing and don’t get me started on them throwing the European game against progres needsompopcorn
    They cheated for years and now they want to tell the rest of the league who and when they can win a game FECK AFF

  5. I always tried to teach my bhoys to play the game. Mind you if they were done, my permission to counter done was always a choice. That they did it a few times is nothing to do with me. Hh

  6. Celtic should be Vapourized, demoted, and drop into the third Davistion and be fined. For getting beaten by The Hibbies. Sfa must start a investigation into this gross betting anomily.
    Not going happen, now is it.

  7. This is how high these cretins put us above them and every other team in Scotland , every Celtic fan should take there comments for what it is they think we are unbeatable we are simply the best lol, the difference between them and us us we would thrive and embrace a last chance to put it to them if the tables where turned, it’s as simple as this there cowards and are petrified if the challenge ,


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