ALFREDO MORELOS has made an accusation of racism against some in the Celtic support, reiterating what his club were trying to allude to after the Glasgow Derby game.

Accusations of racism should always be taken seriously and the police were investigating the claims made by The Rangers on the final game of 2019.

We’re in February now, no charges or assertions have been made, no proof of these allegations has come to light yet Morelos is quite happy pushing the narrative.

A video which was doing the rounds saw abuse come the striker’s way as he walked off the pitch but nowhere does a racist slur come into it.

He doubled down on the accusation for a Sky Sports interview.

“In the match against Celtic we were winning in extra-time. I fell down, whether that is simulation or not that’s up to the referee but afterwards it was very frustrating to hear elements of the crowd screaming at me saying offensive things and racist words. I wasn’t trying to instigate or incite anything else.

“I just wanted them to stop and it was sort of a symbol saying ‘come on guys the game’s over, this doesn’t need to continue during the match. I understand if you are criticising but now it’s over’. I’m not someone who wants to start a fight with anyone, I don’t have any problem with any fans, any race and any religion and so I hope to be treated that same way.

“I don’t pay any attention to the press here because I know people are going to say positive and negative things about me but this doesn’t really affect my life or my family.”

There’s a very dangerous campaign underway to try and bring Celtic fans down to the gutter with them.

Celtic have been very quiet, the accusations are very heavy and should be treated as such. Anyone found to be racist towards anybody at Celtic Park should have to deal with consequences but any improper and false accusations of racism is wholly unacceptable and must be addressed if it’s the case.


  1. The guy is full of it. a cheat and a liar. this situation with his car has exposed him as such. Total nonsense, now it is because his wife has caught him cheating on her and has employed a PI. Guy is a scum-bag and needs to get his own house in order before he starts using his wee pals in the Rangers media to make up stories . Covering up for his own lying, cheating behaviour.

  2. Celtic need to stop being distracted by this individual both on and off the park. The media are constantly diminishing our achievements while promoting the blue propaganda at every opportunity. Former or would be players who lose multiple consecutive games suddenly discover form against Celtic before being easy meat for their idols in the next game. FIXtures have been constructed to stop us achieving 9 in a row.

  3. Does anybody believe this leech i dont think most people wont believe but takes away from a team thats trying to act like the club know as rfc diseased or liquidated no matter what like sawing action with your hand means so his on team ( sevco ) last 8 years there supporters are famous for religious biase

  4. Och, the poor wee lamb, he is really totally misunderstood, imagine criticizing the very fans, who heartily cheered him when he came on as a sub in a previous game.

  5. Morelos Guilty Of Slander/Definition Calling Out Our Clubs Supporters For Being {Racist}
    Shocking & Deplorable Lying Faced Columbian B’strd,
    He Walks Off The Field Of Play After Being Shown A Red Card,
    He Has Been Seen & Witnessed By Thousands Of Supporters Inside The Stadium & Was Also Seen By Others On TV, Throughout The UK & Beyond, By Doing A Cut Throat Simulation, His Reply For Doing This Was, Other Teams Players In South American Football In Columbia,
    We Do This To Let Others Know, That The Game Is Over,
    Absolutely (Lies Lies & Even More Lies)
    Then We Have Another Sick Simulation Done By Kent From The Same Shameful Club,
    He Puts His Hand To His Head & Points With His Other Hand In Pistol Type Simulation.
    Whilst Running And Pointing At Celtic Supporters In Front Of Adult Women & Men Some With Young Children,
    Again His Reply Was, Oh I Was Just Copying What A Band Does That He Follows, (Lies, Lies & Even More Lies) What Has The (SFA) Done About It, Same As Always, Sweet F’ck All,
    F’ckng Bottle Merchants, Oh Let’s Not Upset “Scotland’s Shame Club” I Hope That Our Great Clubs Chairman Mr Peter Lawwell For Whom I Have The Highest Respect For, I Am Sure That
    Mr Lawwell Shall Take This Or These Matters To
    The SFA, If They Don’t Act Then Take It To The Highest Bodies Of European / World Football, We As The Greatest Football Supporters In The World, Should & Are Looking For Something To Be Done,
    As Soon As Possible If Not Sooner,
    We Have Had Enough Of Our Good Name Being Tainted,
    We Are And Have Never Been Known as A Racist Football Club With Racist Supporters,
    It’s now Time To Stand Up & Be Counted, This Is My Club, This Is Your Club, This Is Our Club, This Is A Club Open To Everyone,
    { A CLUB LIKE NO OTHER } 🇮🇪💚🇮🇪 Hail Hail.

  6. They just cannot Get over the Fact That there is a Big Massive Wall in front of there New Club and that Wall is Celtic.They celebrated that Derby Win like it was a CL final.And They are Finally Tecognised as Thee Most Successful Club Ever in World Football.Now that They’re coming apart at the seams.Out Pops the Racist Card.Celtic Fans Can and Have been Accused of being a lot of Things But Racists😔Naw just Bloody Naw.Sevco should be held Accountable for there BS!!!!!Just can’t see Liewell doing Anything about it.He knew about the Five Way Agteement and Says Mada…..Its All Abput keeping the Conveyer Belt of Cash Rolling In

  7. Masterclass tonight from the best-ever Scottish Football pundit, Mikey Stewart where he rubbished the narrative that Morelos is being victimised-and for good measure he also torched Jim Traynor!


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