While I’m currently under-enthused by the week ahead, thankfully, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. 

No more international breaks till next year! To steal a line from the late great Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah!!

With that Celtic will resume their business of dominating the Scottish football scene with a Friday night visit to Kilmarnock which will hopefully see the bhoys go thirteen points clear at the top of the table. It will also give Celtic fans an opportunity to give Kris Boyd a pelter or two for his fantasy piece in the rags this weekend.


The chunky striker blamed Scotland’s national scene on SPFL clubs refusing to allow the new Rangers to be placed directly in the Premiership. Apparently a club who brought in so many overseas players on massive wages that they couldn’t afford helped our national game. You put those pieces together because I’ve not got the foggiest.

None of this really matters, the hyperbolic nonsense that comes from the media is just white noise at this point. Celtic are fully focused on the job at hand and that’s to keep the momentum going ahead of a Barcelona visit and a tasty cup final against the Dons.

Looking forward to Friday and the short trip up the road to Rugby Park and we can start asking those all important questions again such as; Demebele or Griffiths?






  1. It’s the usual suspects being given a platform to spew their rubbish which no matter how nonsensical is printed as if it’s gospel.
    Yep all those foreign EBT recipients at Rangers had nothing to do with the downturn in Scotland ‘ s international performances!

    How many tournaments did Scotland fail to qualify for prior to 2011 and the demotion, oh aye Chris, of the cheating Govanite’s?
    The Scotsman ‘ s reply platform has never been busier as Boydy is shot down in flames………One could think that this crap is only printed as a wind up.
    The minute you dig up anyone using the demoted line the whole argument falls apart from the outset. However you have to take into account the total gullibility of their fans……….if someone tells them they were demoted, even Boydy, then that’s good enough for them.

    That’s exactly why Murray, Whyte, Green and now King have managed to fleece them time after time.

    At some point you would think that they would get the message but no, even as they circle the financial drain again, they are in denial.
    Did they fall for the improved position reported in the accounts………..losses have been reduced, who pee.

    What about the notes to the accounts………..going concern note included by the auditors and soft loans then, soft loans now and soft loans forever.

    It’s a feckin shambles, yet there is still talk of how European football next season will cure all their ills.

    Have they collectively, including the media, chosen to ignore UEFA FFP criteria in the hope that the SFA will give them the same helping hand as was given in 2011?

    There is one huge difference this time around…….the Rangers financials are all in the public domain and there is an army of onlookers awaiting another ‘Bryson’ interpretation of the rules if Regan and his crew go down that road.

    Would anyone be surprised?


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