If you’ve been about Glasgow the last week you may have seen our very own Kieran Tierney being advertised on billboards.

The ads, promoting BT Sports has Tierney celebrating in his Celtic gear photoshopped onto a Motorbike – it’s quite amusing.

What’s even more amusing is someone has felt compelled to buy blue paint and go paint over one of these ads in blue – covering Tierney’s Hoops shirt.

We have a few theories on this.

This is the work of a disgruntled Banksy who used to be Paddy Roberts best pal until KT stole his affection.

Everton fans have clubbed together to see what the player would look like in an Everton shirt.

This is a photoshop of a photoshop and we’re all part of the matrix.

A Gers fan, so despondent with rage, acquired the staunchest of blue paint, stole a ladder from his mum’s cupboard and covered up those pesky hoops in the name of ra peepul.

You decide.



  1. Usual huns because its not one of their shite at liebrox dirty jealous scum B….. maybe if they cheat there way to the top they might get on a billboard way they orange shite top on.Glasgow Celtic Champions of Scotland 7 times onwards to 8inarow.hail hail.💚💛🍀🌟👍

  2. Hardly frightening.
    I think if it was the other way round we’d be having a good laugh about it.
    Wishful thinking on their part.

    • We were quoting the tweet and the end result is obviously not frightening.

      The notion that someone has put the thought and effort of going through all the steps necessary just to paint a Celtic shirt blue is the frightening part TO THE TWEETER.

      We treated it with humour – as you can see from our theories.

  3. I agree Brian. There was no sectarian bile included so it can be regarded as funny.
    When it goes further than this, it is serious.
    We must remember that they are hurting badly.

  4. The frightening thing is, had he a paint brush in one hand and a knife in the other.
    This tribute act are a shameful disgrace.
    From the glib and shameless liar to the knife welding scumbags
    The time has come for these muppets to be reeled in, they have got away with everything, now they have moved on to stabbing other fans.
    We do not want anyone else getting hurt because they have a sense of entitlement
    Time for the government to stand up to these scumbags before someone is killed
    Hail Hail

  5. Think the person who did the artwork must really likes ‘Warcraft’ And has blue hands and clothes. Glasgows Green and White. Not blue and shi7e.


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