Celtic’s creative juices have not been flowing this season.

Just seven goals in seven SPFL League games tells its own story.

This is due to not replacing players in the transfer window – we all know that.

But do we know just how much it mattered? Brendan Rodgers said he would march on with what he’s got after the board failed to bring in the names he wanted.

With no choice, that’s what the Irishman is doing BUT when you look at the stats below – it becomes very apparent how bad a window the summer was and how much talent we sold without adequately replacing.

Stuart Armstrong, Paddy Roberts and Moussa Dembele.

Those numbers are absolutely frightening and the become more so when you take those stats away from your side. What are you left with? Precisely what we see now!

I’m not having a pop at anyone for these three moving on, but I am saying there has been a massive injustice perpetrated by the club towards the fans who they take for granted.

All three players wanted to leave Celtic,

Armstrong has recently said he was fed up of Scottish football and wanted out. He stayed an extra season, not for Celtic but to play one more year under Brendan Rodgers.

Paddy was heading back to City on-loan and showed a desire to try and make his mark in England – he now finds himself in Spain, but that’s another story.

Moussa Dembele, well the less said about that one, the better.

I’ll be kind and say Moussa’s petulant behaviour came too late for Celtic to react. That’s me being kind and not holding them accountable for not having any plan b in case their top striker walked away.

For Armstrong and Paddy, it was simple – The two midfielders left early in the window, and there was ample time to replace them. John McGinn was the chosen one, but Peter Lawwell didn’t think so.

There is a massive creative gap in the Celtic squad. Yes, we have Tom Rogic and Callum McGregor. Tom hasn’t got going yet this season, and McGregor has been far from his best.

If Celtic aren’t working overtime to make sure they right the wrongs of the summer window in January then there is going to be a massive backlash.

The club needs to bridge the gap between what we have now and bringing some of that creative flair back which left with the three aforementioned players.


  1. Usual story, Celtic bosses complaining that the suit’s have short arms long pocket’s. And all the owners have yachts or stables full of racehorses. And the players (or their agents) realising their net worth. And finally the people who have supported them through thick and thin. Are SHAFTED, then have to put up wae it AGAIN, AND AGAIN AND WHERE’S MCGINN.

  2. I agree with the stats but come on lets get the dead wood sent home and put up for sale then give BR £20 million to bring in four seasoned pros we can bring in players to play in all the Scottish games lets do it now
    bring them in now………

    • It’s back to the penny pinching and biscuit tin mentality again because they have a couple of pounds in their pockets the want to hold on to it for as long as possible.

  3. Story’s I have heard Paddy WAS wanting to stay but for the price to go up putting him out of our reach for the time being. I pray to god we try and get him in January or at least the summer. I’m sure if a club want to pay cash for him he will get released from his loan. James Forrest is not a patch on this guys erse! Bring back PR07 pronto!

    • Why bring James into the equation? Shocking totally shocking the wee man was one of the reasons we won a treble last year ! He was playing great when a few went missing! And we have a lot if issues to sort ! And James is not and issue

    • Roberts is was and always will be a 1 trick pony, he’s that good he can’t get a game for relegation fodder Girona. Forrest mite not be as good but he never hides and runs his arse of for us and weather u like it or not scores far more goals than Roberts FACT.

  4. Unfortunately, all of this is out of the manager’s hands. Just like a winning team doesn’t become a losing time overnight, a good manager doesn’t become a bad manager. PL is the man who has to accept sole responsibility for the failings this year. He decided to allow BR to sign Edouard as a replacement for Dembele. That was the end of it. Nothing for Roberts. Nothing for Armstrong. Dare I say it, but if KTs head was turned with an offer, his contract would have been ripped up to swell the account too.
    It’s all very well publishing good annual results at an AGM, but the best ones are created on grass.
    PL needs to waken up now and realise how important these next 3 titles really are to us. We don’t want 10 in a row now – we only want 3.

  5. we have been slowly disimproving since season one, the quality of our play was far poorer last season , generally speaking, though I accept very high standards had been set in season one under BR, however, the speed of that process accelerated alarmingly in recent months. We are very very ordinary now, How we did not see the Dembele and Boayata scenarios arising is beyond me, as for the pathetic attempts to sign McGinn, well, embarrassing describes that. However, the players that are here have failed miserably to perform this season with maybe 3 or 4 exceptions. We are now imo in a battle for the title while European progress looks beyond this squad for me. To dismiss a challenge to our domestic crown is folly from fans and irresponsible from the club.

  6. Jackie, spot on. Give him money to spend in January ( if he is still here) on ready-made players, though it must be said the standard of our recruiting has overall been really poor under BR, maybe Sinclair (for a good spell) and defo Dembele been a success. We’ve brought in some really questionable signings. That’s a concern for me, John Park was a big loss to the club

  7. Celtic are only a feeder club which is being run by business owners with not enough heart for the supporters and the ambition of the club, I feel sorry for Rodgers!!!

  8. Roberts is that good he’s only played 67 mins for Girona all season, a 1 trick pony who did well for 7/8 months with us then was mince last season. Next you’ll be telling us leigh griffiths is better than dembele was. May no ever after his performance on Thursday ever tell me griffiths is anything other than an average domestic player. The real 2 we’ve missed are Dembele on form and fit and without doubt Armstrong.

  9. Come January the usual crap about clubs not selling their good players will be thrown at us. I can’t see past this being Lawells fault.

  10. Come January Celtic will open the wallet and let the moth get some exercise. As there will be no room at the inn as usual. Celtics savour will be a couple of loans, and stop gaps (Like normal) and maybe splash two or three million on a centre back who can also play in goal, midfield and as a striker all rolled intae wan. If you believe that you should be suppirting sevco.


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