Jeremie Frimpong proved yesterday that he is ready for the big games. We had plenty of debate on our social media pages over the past week or so if this game was too soon and to pressurised for the youngster.

Anyone who said he could handle the pressure of a cup final that was also a derby was spot on. Nothing fazes Celtic’s newest star and he is not shy in front of the cameras either. His teammates and manager have described him as infectious and it is easy to see why.

Now, I don’t know how you are supposed to react around billionaires when they get up close and personal but here is a masterclass from the newest of Celtic stars.

The Irishman must have made his way over for the game yesterday to watch his side lift the tenth trophy in a row. When Fergus McCann took over at Paradise and saved the club he didn’t really get the full recognition until he left. The same will probably happen for Desmond.

He recently sent his son in his place to attend the Celtic AGM so maybe the Desmond family will be a long time associated with Celtic Football Club.


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