With no new football to talk about the talking points from the end of last year and the subsequent action by the SFA compliance officer has opened up the debate on the role of the compliance officer and inconsistency within the game.

Michael Stewart hit the nail on the head when he cited the incident Ryan Christie has been suspended for and turned it on its head. Already pointed out by Celtic, the exact same incident, with the same players took place in a previous Glasgow Derby game – only that time it was Morelos grabbing Christie.

On that occasion, Morelos was NOT punished for the offence as the referee seen it at the time and didn’t deem it worthy of punishment. However, the referee yellow carded Christie for the incident yet the SFA cited the player for further action.

A panel of three referees found this to be an act of brutality.

Sitting frustrated in the BBC studio – Stewart asks the question why one referee can see Morelos doing similar to Christie and deem it fine but three refs in a panel called for a ban.


  1. It’s Always been that Way when it comes to Sevco….
    First it was Liquidated Rangers,Now it’s this Mob.Different Shite but Same Flies..
    And they do it blatantly in front of our faces.
    Celtic Players should Renage Scotland Duties..
    Even the thought of Our Players playing for the SFA turns my Stomache☘🇨🇮☘

  2. The sfa are the biggest farce of all time. All the clubs in the league have to take them on and stand up against their so-called [rules] December 2018 at ibrox, morelos commited over 6 fouls and DID NOT GET 1 YELLOW CARD, so where is the rules of the game???????.

  3. First ref see’s its OK no booking no punishment and no report or TV evidence. Or compliance officer . the next time out the ref see’s and also deals with it and issues yellow card case finished, no need for TV evidence or compliance officer, 3 refs find fault, when ref has dealt with it by giving a yellow card, case closed


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