If you’re not an avid listener of Superscoreboard you have to thank Celtic Bible for sharing this clip with the Celtic support.

A Scottish ‘Luton Town’ supporter phoned up to FINALLY put an end to the general consensus that Scott Brown is a fantastic player.

Andy puffed and panted as he tried to get his point across to the panel who seemed tickled by his comments.

When the caller made the point that Scott Brown wouldn’t get into the luton Town squad in London he was simply asked to name the Luton midfielders in question.

“I’m naw geein you names!’ he exclaimed.

Listen to this comedy gold. Is it up there with ‘He’s no Finnish, he’s only 28!’.

We all know what team Andy supports and the ironic thing is those players probably wouldn’t get a game for Luton.


  1. Just another hurting, bitter an twisted sad little hun. These peepill would give ye the boak. Scott Brown player of the year.
    His arms are sore lifting trophies ya muppet
    Hail Hail


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