DEDRYK BOYATA looks like he’s trying to work his ticket out of Celtic Park this evening if his social media antics are anything to go by.

The Belgian has been linked with a move to Sevilla in this window and Celtic have reportedly rebuffed advances from the Spanish side. Instead of keeping things in-house the defender has opted to start following Sevilla’s official social media page and he even liked a comment that urged him to sign for the Spanish side.

Celtic have been in talks with the Belgian’s representatives since last season but it seems Boyata has his heart set on leaving this summer.

It will be a slap in the face to Brendan Rodgers who resurrected his Celtic career. The player looked like he had wrote the final chapter in his Celtic story when he limped off at Hampden against The Rangers the day Aron you Deila’s side fell on penalties to the lower league side.


    • My thoughts too mate.
      Simanovic is another Efi Ambrose,Boyata same vain as Loovands young Hendry is still a bit raw.
      Think Lustig is not the player he was after his hip operation If Brendan wants to keep him in the team move him to centre back or cover for that position and bring in Anthony Ralston might give us a little bit more stability as we don’t or the board don’t look they want to spend any money.
      There is a very good chance we could be in the Europa cup after Tuesday all thanks to the board hoarding money.

  1. Have I missed something the guys been a bombscare since day one and is too easily bullied for his size get rid celtic and get a couple of proper chs including his 10m we should be able to spend 25-30m on the 2 chs a young rb and a proper quality playmaker 🍀

    • We have a young right back who gave Neymar such rough time he would not shake Anthony Ralston’s hand at the end of the game.Celtic through and through give him a run in the team Brendan.

  2. Get him to fuck he is pish poor the 3 year old son can read a game better than that mug.fuck off and don’t shadow our door again can’t remember him having a good game for us

  3. I have never particularly liked boyata – anyone who reacts like this does not have any respect for Celtic and never had any respect for Celtic and I feel he has always had this demeanout about him – and Rodgers is a guy Rodgers was recommending for a big new contract getting paid a fortune. Rodgers has to be questioned for showing faith in Boyata when he was clearly so two-faced and uncommitted. Can’t believe rodgers let sviatchenko go who actually had some commitment to Celtic, as well as ability. I also don’t like Rodgers phoning John McGinn after he has rejected Celtic either, that for me is really arrogant and shows a lack of commitment to Celtic. If Rodgers keeps up like this it could be time to replace him with John Kennedy, because he is making mistakes left, right and centre and showing he is showing when things get tough he is not prepared to dig in and work and fight and scrap for everything. All this talk about money because Rodgers is a multi-millionaire and has been down in the flashy premiership is really tiresome – I don’t see why he is answering such irrelevant questions, especailly when the window doesn’t shut in Scotland for 3 weeks – give us a break Brendan and only talk about the things you’re meant to at the press conferences – the massive champions leagues games coming and the football, not the finances. Bringing up these transfer and money issues before big games is outrageous in my opinion, rodgers really needs to buck up his ideas, his form has been shocking of late, as soon as Rangers are getting stronger again it looks like Rodgers has lost his cool and is cowering from the challenge

    • We all get peeved off but you are going over the topabout Rodgers and to say bring on Kennedy, yeah, my fekin arse he knows fek all should have went when The twat went!

    • Harry,your comment started off with a valid point,Boyatta has disrespected Celtic,and it’s time to get rid.I was one of many calling for Boyatta’s head prior to last season,but he had improved a lot last season and cut out the frequent bad decision making.Brendan did have faith in Boyatta,but to call out Brendan for Boyatta being two faced,is fukin ludicrous.And by the way,Brendan called McGinn to wish him all the best before,he signed for Viila,after it became apparent the Celtic board weren’t going to back Brendan’s bid for McGinn.McGinn,never got the chance to reject Celtic,and was dying to sign for his boyhood heroes,remember this is the grandson of former Celtic chairmen Jack McGinn,from a dyed in the wool Celtic family.Also to call for Brendan’s head,have a word with yourself,he has just won back to back trebles,one in an invincible season,qualified for champions league two seasons in a row,and now because we lose after getting booted off the park by a bunch of thugs,he’s suddenly got no passion,no commitment,not prepared to dig in,how exactly can he dig in?As for press conferences it’s the press who have asked these questions about finances available to him and if he has the boards backing.What lodge are you a member of by the way,and i hope the Buddies fukcin hump your zombie team on Sunday,Shockaroonee,didnae think i believed you were a tim,did ye Harry,?you sad deid deluded gullibilly,

      • Hate to say it but your comments about McGinn are crap, if McGinn was so desperate to sign for us then he would’ve held out till January and signed a pre contract, but he didn’t he followed the money instead. As for Rodgers talking to him on the phone before he signed for Villa, Rodgers probably told him that he couldn’t guarantee him a start every week due to the way the Midfield is playing right now when they are at full strength that is. So for McGinn being this dyed in the wool Celtic supporter, that’s p*sh aswell or else he would’ve held off and refused every transfer offered to him.

        • If you read Rogers statement,he said he called McGinn to wish him all the best with what he decided to do in the future,because he heard McGinn,was going for a medical at Villa.Rogers knew at this point the Celtic board were not any further forward in dealing with Hibs.You also need to get real,McGinn may be a Celtic fan,but he or his agent are not foolish,he is not going to wait to see if Celtic will come calling in Jan with a pre-con,especially when they didn’t make any move last week,is he?Villa will have quadrupled his wages with Hibs at least probably a lot more.Unless you know John personally of course and in that case you may be right,but i think i will believe what Brendan ACTUALLY said and take what you THINK Brendan PROBABLY said as the real CRAP/PISH.

    • Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that ‘harry’ could possibly, just possibly … not be a Celtic fan?

      Sevvies are inherently stupid. That post post reads like that of a stupid person who is trying to be clever but failing badly. It’s like he thinks he’s smart enough to subtly plant the seeds of an anti-Brendan idea but, because he *isn’t* smart enough, ended up being as subtle as a brick and giving himself away.

      The rest is bad enough but “replace him with John Kennedy”? Come on!

    • Get rid of boyata. Hes not as good as his agent thinks he is. He wont be long till hes found out whatever team he goes to. I could never understand why rogers rated him so highly. Just another gary hooper. Kelvin wilson. They all disapear into oblivion.

  4. Spot on I agree with Harry great comment like today Rodgers and co haven’t got a clue at times no passion on sidelines unlike Martin o Neil u didnae even see him gee up players a lot of players where hopeless today as well nae fight and never up for the scrap gordon is pish tae I would gie bain a chance in Athens.hoops need to go with 2 up front

  5. The defence is the weakest it’s been for a few seasons. We have no decent central defenders. John Kennedy the defensive coach is a part of the problem not the solution. He should have went with Delia and Collins.

  6. Rodgers hasn’t got a clue?? garbage..When the goin gets tough?? We lost 4-0 at tynecastle last year and won the TREBLE AGAIN ffs. He’s being fed the questions! no bringin them up! It’s caw’d leading in the media ffs Replace him wae John fuckin Kennedy?? yer huvin a laugh right? Oh and Fuck Boyata

  7. Get rid of Boyata pronto. Celtic’s players need to toughen up. They were outfought by the wee huns and we need to show much more aggression as we are in for a tough time this season as clubs see us as being easy meat to brush off. Get in amongst them!

  8. Don’t give him a Celtic fucking training top
    Don’t even give him the fucking car sponsored by Celtic
    Wipe him from history which would take 10 minutes
    The three amigos were quality that’s why we stood their pish but this guys the European Oliver tebily

  9. Hes pish,let him get tae f@ck,total bombscare (effy part fecking 2)Boyata 10 m😂😂😂take it!! Take it !!! Take it!!!

  10. Must play our strongest team every game!. Get points in bag, then use the subs!!. But we must get three points first! He we have a big game on Tuesday, but these guys should be fit enough, and yes I know we have to watch the thugs we play against, namely Naismith for one!! Surely he must’ be punnished for those actions? Thugs and the scum of Scottish football, inherited from ibrokes l

  11. Boyata has got to Go.He is and Always will be a Bombscare.He is decent at times but that time,Of all players to mug him WindyCheeks mugged him for the ball and scored.We need shot of a few.The performance v Hearts Brendan says he was given some fringe players a chance.And they didnt half blow it,Big Time.If we dont get our arses in gear,We could regret it.Cmon Board Get some business Done.Ins and Outs..HH

  12. Why is this even an issue, we all as one, wished for Boyata to play in the world cup, we all hoped he didn’t f’up, we all wanted him to play against Ingurlund and all wanted this to happen for one reason, so we could dupe someone into giving us big money for a dud! The guy is a joke we have wanted him out for 2 years now we will get 10 mill for him where is the problem?

  13. Big Jock (The Boss) Stein, Would have kicked Boyata’s ass right out the door and all the way down the London Road, No player is bigger than the club, If you don’t want to play for Celtic, Then “Fuck Off” !!!


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