GERMAN journalist Guido Schafer has paid Celtic the ultimate compliment after witnessing Celtic Park in all its glory on Thursday night.

The club, the players and the fans all played their part during an incredible night not soon to be forgotten.

With Leipzig just needing a draw to really cement their place in the Europa League group, it was up to Celtic to muster up a much better performance than they gave in the away leg.

The bhoys did exactly that and conjured up an outstanding, energy zapping performance which merited all three points in the end.

It looked all Celtic’s efforts would be in vain when the German side equalised late in the game. However, the reaction to the goal was simply sensational; 14 seconds after kicking off and with Leipzig not touching the ball once, Celtic had retaken the lead and Paradise was rocking!

Witnessing the incredible atmosphere Schafer wrote his own little love letter to Celtic Park and declared it as the best ground Leipzig have ever had the privilege of playing in since their 2009 inception.

“Sorry, Borussia Dortmund, sorry Besiktas, but Celtic Park and the Celts top everything that RB has experienced since its inception in 2009.” the Journo declared as cited on RecordSport.

“The fans of the Scots live up to their reputation as the world’s best fanatics, driving their Bhoys in Green for 94 minutes to the deserved victory, celebrating every duel, profane interjections and corners.

“They also celebrate themselves, their loyalty, their songs. The history of the cult club, founded in 1888 by the Irish clergyman Brother Walfrid, looms over everything, the score is decorating accessories, the big picture more important.

“Celtic season tickets are traded like gold dust and carry the inscription: “A Club Like No Other”

High praise indeed.


  1. Amazing how we get compliments from abroad , but here we get s—t written about us ,and after a fine performance on the field,trying to lift Scottish football,to get maybe a little credibility,!!true ‘a club like no other’,says it all,hh

  2. Ray you know why mate.Said if for years Our Great World Iconic Club the only one in “brigadoon”Scotland are loved all over this planet bar their own country ! It’s uncomfortable for the huns in every walk of life not just the sevco ones all those other pusedo ones which every club in Scotland has bar say HIBS or Dundee Und but more than that there is a entrenched hatred to Irish and Catholics and Celtic and even the colour Green embodies that to these cretins!Not just that halfwits it’s there in the so called “intellectuals”and professionals saw it first hand many times !And they can’t even explain their hate!they want us to feel the same so that thy can feel comfortable!Not a chance we ain’t Interested we love our club or culture our unique Great Club too much is all about love for us hence we are reveared by many over the worlid! The scum are the scum you can change these orcs,tho in a way I don’t want to WE ARE CELTIC “A CLUB LIKE NO OTHER”NEVER A TRUER PHRASE SPOKEN! HAIL HAIL TRIPLE TREBLE! AND A RUN IN EUROPE ON THE WAY

  3. Spot on Stessano. Never a truer word. I remember playing under 13 football in the early 70s and having to ask my Da what a spectator meant when he was bawling at his left back son to break that wee Fenian (or Donegal, he had a tendency to vary his abuse) bastards legs. This is ingrained in Scottish society and these brainless bastards don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. It’s because it’s Scotland’s culture. The same culture that permits, and gives a police escort to, more right wing anticatholic marches than even Belfast. Truly horrifying!

  4. Celtic fans an read into this blurb whatever they want. Thank you to the bloke. Celtic can write their own headlines, where it matters. On every pitch they play on. We play fair, good entertaining football when its required.

  5. We Shouldnt even take the time to give some twisted lowlife HunZ the mention.They crave.We let our team do there talking on the pitch.We serenade till our hearts are content.I just want to witness the utter despair in these vermin when Ten is reached.COYBIG HH YNWA..the whole Planet knows about Celtic.And they also know the difference from Demotion and Liquidation.


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