STEVEN GERRARD wonders why he has a discipline problem at the club with his players topping the charts for red cards this term.

Alan McGregor was the latest in a long line of suspensions handed out to Gerrard’s men for their thuggish behaviour on a football field.

The manager doesn’t know how to curb it and is at a loss how to keep his players on the park. Maybe he should look a little closer to home when he thinks there’s nothing he can do.

As we approach the Glasgow Derby at Ibrox this Sunday we are reminded of what Steven Gerrard said straight after Celtic beat them at Parkhead – when he gave his players carte blanche to do whatever they wanted.

Back in March, the manager was asked about Andy Halliday’s actions after the game when he caused a riot on the football field accosting Scott Brown for celebrating in front of the away support and was sent off down the tunnel. Instead of lambasting his player for being the third player on the day to lose his cool – Gerrard actually defended Halliday and admitted he’s have done the same.

“Andy went in to protect his own people – I would have probably done that myself.” Gerrard told the Evening Times.

No wonder they can’t behave.


  1. The discipline problem would be easy to sort out fine the players and most off all stop picking them to play in football games nowadays no top team wants players with discipline problems the sell on price of a player with discipline problems could be a few million if you can find another team to take the player off your hands.
    If you want top dollar for a player then he must not have any discipline problems…

  2. Slippy and his thugs are as delusional as their Gullibillie followers. Scott Brown has class, these thugs do not.

    Get a grip Slippy


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