With so many Rangers players and now their manager in the dock after their poor shown for Sunday’s Glasgow derby the manager has a brass neck to make any comments directed at Celtic players.

But that hasn’t stopped him shooting his mouth off and completely deflecting away from the fact that his team have been brutal since the start of the year. All the bad press surrounding him and his players probably suit him. It stops his “fan” base from focusing on his results and the massive gap in the league table.

The SFA are feeling generous this week offering out partial bans to save themselves from enforcing the rules and keep things sweet. Ryan Kent refused his two-match ban, his manager backed him last night saying the Rangers have a different opinion on what a punch in the face is. They prefer to call it a push.

Gerrard has had plenty to say about Celtic personal since his team lost another Glasgow derby. His post-match comments made directly at Bobby Madden has forced the SFA to offer a one-game ban for the Ibrox manager.

Gerrard has until tomorrow to accept or reject the slap on the wrist or face a hearing on the 2nd of May.


  1. For the attention of Steve ‘Slippy” Gerrard. When you clench your fist and throw it in someones face, IT’S A PUNCH. You are showing yourself to be a total f@nny slippy. Tell you what if your’re still not sure, pop round and I’ll show you how it works….muppet of the first class!


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