STEVEN GERRARD is a novice manager, and it shows. His man management looks to be abysmal and the way he treats his players after a defeat is very telling.

However, the news today the Ibrox manager has conceded the title to Celtic after the weekend is just the latest in a very long line of poor mind games played by the former Liverpool star to try and gain an edge somehow.

Asked if it was all about the Scottish Cup because of the eight point gap in the SPFL the manager replied: “I think where we sit right here, you are probably right in saying that.” he told SunSport.

“This has been a competition, even from the beginning of the season, that we’ve looked at.

“We’ve wanted to do well in the cup competitions and the last one we got to the semi-finals.

“We were very disappointed with the outcome in that.”

This is designed to try and get someone at Celtic to take their foot of the gas and underplay any sort of revival. Have no doubt about it, if Celtic drop any points over the next month we will see a repeat of last season when they really thought they were in with a chance of winning the league with ten games to go.

The notion Celtic will take their eye off the ball because of comments like the above shows you how much of a novice Gerrard really is.

Celtic went onto win the title at Celtic Park against the Ibrox club on a beautiful Sunday. Same again would be nice I suppose.


  1. Same again would be nice? your being over generous to therangers there bud,it WILL be nice,very nice come Beautiful Sunday 29th March.Their disrespect shown to other clubs,in the way they write them off as being as much a challenger to Celtic as they are,will/has only made other sides up their game even more,as shown by St Johnstones draw at ibrox,and this will ensure they will drop more points than us before the glorious 29th.

  2. His dad’s army tribute act will win nothing, his bunch of muppets are a joke, just like his management skills
    Disappointment after disappointment, the only thing that the tribute act is blowing hot air
    While we keep it shut and march on
    Can you see the rangers coming
    Going for 55
    We are the peepill
    It’s all gone quiet over there


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