JAMIE CARRAGHER believes his former teammate and friend Steven Gerrard may have the advantage going up against Brendan Rodgers next season.

The former defender believes that Gerrard being under Rodgers guidance at Anfield would have let the new Ibrox boss see how he operates and be able to counteract that more than any other manager could.

“If Brendan gave away too many secrets, then Stevie will be making sure he uses them against him very soon. It’s funny how the football world works.” Carragher joked.

There is one thing knowing what your opponent may do, it’s a whole other kettle of fish trying to stop them from doing it.

Celtic are so far ahead of the Ibrox side that Brendan Rodgers could let him into team meetings all next season and the Englishman won’t get near the double treble champions.


  1. Just like all the other ex ‘pool players then. The hunz will have to buy fit players, keep them fit, play as a team, Wae the baw at Daisy level. And chase the oposision down, when they lose the baw. Etc,etc.. Not rocket. Science, its called the Celtic way for a reason. The hunz will play like usual. Long baw, shi7 kicking the oposison, diving tae get the masons attention in the box or circle and cheating. I’m sure he also saw what Mon and Celtic did in the Uefa cup against ‘Pool. Maybe he’ll show the videos of that game in his tactics TALKS too.


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