STEVEN GERRARD has made what appears to be a veiled threat towards Celtic captain Scott Brown after Sunday’s Glasgow Derby.

The Scouser has been in an inspired form of soundbites the Celtic fans have been lapping up over the past week or so but this one is more sinister from the Ibrox manager who repeatedly told the media he had ‘no problem’ with Celtic celebrating as they did (Cheers for the validation Stevie). When asked what his players were thinking and repercussions going forward the Ibrox boss went all faux hardman.

“I know what I’d do, I know what I’d do.” he told RecordSport.

“But we’ll wait and see what my players do and how they react.”

“We can’t really control what’s going on with other people’s reactions and on social media, and how they celebrate.

“All you can do is look in, soak it up, accept it and move on and look to the next challenge, but remember it.”

This was in response to Brown’s Instagram post which had more than a few fishing rod emojis in it after the game.

It’s not hard to see where indiscipline in this squad comes from when the manager is saying things like this.

The hypocrisy Steven Gerrard exercises on a daily basis at the moment is quite staggering and he’ll head the way of the rest of the Ibrox pretenders soon enough.


  1. Please if people are reading this go and whatch sg’s latest interview on how he has nothing more to say about Kents performance but yet wants the player he punched to be punished for winding people up the police man that realesed the statement about players being responsible for fans and all that stuff agrees with it then says but he’s never played in an old firm so wouldn’t know how passionate it can be neither has he played in an old firm wtf then came out and said for 54 minutes they were better than the best team in Scotland and seemed quite pleased with that statement so he’s obviously happy with being the better team for the 60 minutes if that was true anyway please rangers give him a nice new long contract what a fuckin pleb

  2. A feckin muppet
    What would you do Slippy, get your pal to do something
    Your a feckin disgrace
    Flapping your gums like a proper hun now ya bawbag
    You are nothing
    You will never be anything
    Your tribute act are a bunch of little girls crying “bad man in the green and white laughing at us”
    Feck rite aff dic head
    Hail Hail

  3. We know what “Slippy’s comments meant so should “Police Scotland” Also our own chairman “Mr Peter Lawwell & The beaks at the “SFA” Ran”k”ers and their so called football manager slippy, With your comment regarding playing our “8 IN A ROW” SPL Champions At Shitebrox, (Thuggery Comes Within) & It is administered from management and animal coaching operatives, Once you have coached this type of thuggery, Then your thugs can only adhere to what they have been trained and what they have been told to do “Stevie Gerrard” (We All Know What You Said) & (We All Know What You Meant) “You Have Lit The Fuse” “Remember Karma’s A Bitch”

  4. Gerrard, take you’re erse and your wee Frankenstein muppet Kent with you back to Liverpool. You are a wean in a mans job, squealing about provocation. You can hardly stand up in a game, when Chelsea stuffed your mob, when you fell on your face. Broony can look after himself, against the bunch of baw bags you call a team, and we’ll remember your statements, so will Broony.


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