Gers fans enjoyed a win at Celtic Park on Sunday but not before they utterly embarrassed themselves by going out their way not to take part in a minute applause for Duncan MacKay.

The former Celtic star passed away at the age of 82 on Boxing Day and the club put out the word that they would have a minutes applause for Duncan to pay their respects to someone who had given a lot for the jersey.

While Celtic fans clapped – this writer watched on as the few Gers fans in the stadium stood had their arms staunchly folded with only a handful applauding in the away end – refusing to take part. For what reason?

It’s embarrassing – especially after the last year with respects paid by both sides when it came to Billy McNeill’s passing and when Fernando Ricksen finally succumbed to his horrible disease.

Rivalry should only go so far, but the morons in the crowd made sure they were showing no respect. Considering the behaviour of some of their fans after the match, we’re not at all surprised.



  1. This is totally disrespectful and a blight on our game. Is it any wonder these “cretins” behave like this, as some of there players also disrespect our fans with gun impersonation and throat slitting. Kudos to those few rangers fans who respected our late player. Not even a mention on the BBC, this cannot be allowed to stand and there must be appropriate punishment dished out by both the SPFL and the club involved. I won’t hold my breath.

  2. They won yesterday and we give them credit for that, but they cannot help themselves descending to the utter depths. They have no control whatsoever, either on the park, in the boardroom or with the management. Mr Archer was spot-on with his comments.

    Our fans were incensed by their fans’ lack of respect (with a few exceptions) at the minutes applause for Dunky, their in your face’ celebrations at the first goal, the cut-throat signs from Morelos and the attempted assault from their stupid assistant coach, but there was no riot or invasion from our fans, despite the provocation. What a difference in class! One of the reasons why I chose to support Celtic on the advice of my English father years ago.

    Their new club, like their old club, is an utter disgrace and continues to be Scotland’s shame. Scotland’s Establishment must share much of the blame for this situation.


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