We’re all for football banter on Celtsarehere, because what is life without banter?!

When Ireland got beat last night off of Denmark a Rangers fan named Willian (Shocker) took it upon himself to rub salt in the wounds of his Irish supporting pals on social media.

The only problem was when he changed his profile picture, he got the wrong country.

Maybe William is a closet Ronny Deila fan.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen flag confusion. A couple of years the staunch brigade stuck an Ivory Coast flag at the top of their 12th of July bonfire.

Let this be a lesson to us all – stay in school.


  1. What more would you expect from a Dead Clubs Support.There brains are festering away.Its been 6 years since HMRC put them 6 ft under.And in that time we have witnessd the Biggest Circus Act ever to Rock Up on the SPFL.The Grieving Process has had some really alarming Adverse effects on the Hun Mentality.1st it was,We Dont Do Walking Away…Then It Was Same Club…Then It Was GoinFor55…One thing is an odds on Cert,They Just Cant Help Themselves,Keep em Coming Billy n Willomina…My Sides Are killing Meeeeeee…

  2. Love how this walloper’s surname has been redacted to protect his anonymity, but it’s left clearly visible in one of the replies!


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