FORMER CELTIC STRIKER Pierre Van Hooijdonk has spoken out about his turbulent two years in Glasgow and is ‘unsafe’ feeling he had in dealing with rival fans from Govan.

The big Dutchman spoke of some of the despicable things to happen to him while being a Celtic player on Dutch TV.

“I opened my door once and was spat on by someone who then ran away like a greyhound.

“I even had razor blades sent to me in an envelope. That was intense.

“There was hatred there and you could see it.

“Nowhere have I felt so unsafe as in Glasgow.”

Pierre spent two seasons at Celtic Park before heading to Nottingham Forest after a contract breakdown at the club.


    • Yep,but the thing is,zombies are harder to kill off,so still tens of thousands of the feckers roaming our streets with the same old bile being spewed from their infected mouths.Over at Castle Grey Skull,they think they are in a DAWN OF THE DEAD situation,so come on Celtic,lets serve up a ZOMBIE ANNIHILATION next weekend,and at least bury them For this season and let the suits in their own boardroom eventually dig their clubs own grave.


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