CELTIC have kept their platinum status by the SFA licence committee after getting gold across the board for their stadium, first-team, youth system and financial operations.

The club are in a very healthy position and the only club to be awarded a platinum licence.

Three clubs underneath Celtic hold gold licences – embarrassingly but more important, rightfully, one of those clubs doesn’t emanate from Ibrox.

The three gold member clubs are Hibernian, St Johnstone and St Mirren. Livingston and Dundee hold Bronze with the rest including The Rangers holding a silver licence.

Not that any proof was needed by the style of operation Celtic have in comparison to their Glasgow rivals. It’s night and day which means the club has no excuse when it comes to making sure the bhoys are number one on the park as well.

Sitting two rungs below us in the ratings will have some of the Ibrox lot foaming at the mouths and demanding a recount, or boycott or a recount of a boycott. State Aid and aw that jazz!

 The SFA's overall club awards


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