Some Celtic fans have been voicing their displeasure at the ticket pricing for the upcoming second qualifier against Kalju.

Season ticket holders have been told it will cost them £23 for adults and another £13 for children. This hasn’t gone down well with some who are pouring cash into Celtic’s coffers on a regular basis

You’re never going to get a general consensus on ticket pricing. The age old arguments come up:

  • Don’t pay it then!
  • How do you expect us to pay for players etc.
  • Always moaning about something.

Do they have a genuine gripe here?

Celtic have mostly set up to give season ticket holders one friendly and one Euro tie for many years now. However, the club never used to have four qualifiers to negotiate. Would it be fair to ask Celtic not to put a friendly on the season card in order to facilitate the first two rounds of qualifiers?

It shouldn’t be out with the realms of possibility. Celtic fans are loyal and spend a lot of money this time of year on season tickets, strips and now a Celtic festival. It would be great to see the club rethink this strategy. If you’re a family of four with season tickets you’re looking at £72 for two adults and two kids for the Kalju tie. Then if Celtic get further the price is likely to increase. A gesture like handing us the first and second qualifier would be much appreciated.


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