BARRY FERGUSON is taking some amount of flack for posing with former Celt Simon Donnelly on the Celtic Way.

The picture which has been shared in both Celtic and The Rangers fan pages shows Barry enjoying himself with Celtic’s magnificent seven signs in the background.

Thats some turnaround for a former captain of an EBT eleven.

One Ibrox fan joked:

Others didn’t find it quite do funny.

Get a life.


  1. The EBT Bandit,Gave his wife his property portfolio and his earnings and claimed,Bankruptsy.Most if not All Dead Rangers were at it for Decades.The Tribute Act claim they are Oldco.Yep only in LaLa Land.

  2. Balloo-The-Bear’s command of the English language is pathetic.
    SPK is the one who is brain dead – you do NOT pay for hospitality and the wee man can’t afford it.
    Sad buggers.


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