Radio DJ Ewan Cameron who once ran the Real Radio football show before it was cancelled and now spends most of his time on Clyde 2 has been given a voice on the Superscore board phone-in show in the offseason and he’s determined to ruffle as many feathers as he can.

The man who famously declared Celtic would NOT win a treble treble straight after they lifted the double treble is handing out anti-Celtic predictions like they’re going out of fashion.

As we’ve pointed out previously – Ewan is a Hearts fan who seems to linger around Ibrox a lot. The pundit looked starstruck the day he met Steven Gerrard and he seems to be blowing the scousers trumpet since.

Pundits traditionally look at all the information available to them and come to their own educated conclusions but that’s now what Ewan Cameron is about. He wants to have the most outspoken and in your face opinion. Does he care that he’s mostly wrong? Probably not.

His Tweet, however, gets very personal towards Neil Lennon and he promotes the Irishman getting sacked. Neil Lennon put Hearts in their place and regularly has put the Ibrox club in their place so it’s no wonder Ewan can’t stand him.



  1. Another tosspot talking sh1te. There will be few pubs he’ll be safe to go into if he keeps gobbing off. Utter tripe is easy to spout, it’s having the brains to know you are making a prick of yourself when you are repeatedly wrong. Now you trundle off ewan and hang about the back door of ipox, where you belong ya muppet

  2. What an absolute fuqtard this rodent is,the shite he talks could provide thousands of farms with FREE fertiliser…
    As for his assertions they are truly out of This World 🌍 TRULY.
    I sincerely hope NFL makes him eat his own tongue,and in doing so,saves The World from his BS outpourings.
    Typical wee hun supporter,C’mon The Hibees.

  3. This is the tit who said that Lennon brought it on himself when he was assaulted by a couple of bigots in the West End years ago. Seems he let himself and Celtic down by having the audacity to go out socialising after a bad result. He consistently and repeatedly goes out of his way to ingratiate himself with huns. A nonentity but a constant irritant. He’s like thrush or genital herpes made human; with all the intelligence and humour of Timmy Mallett. A total fud.


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