The BBC and Neil Lennon caused a stir this morning when the Irishman went no holds barred on his time at Celtic.

The former manager who is trying to repair his image for future opportunities is taking up as many media appearances as he possibly can. The agenda for Neil is simple, make it look like Celtic fans were entitled and pushed him out the club so he looks more attractive to future employers.

The manager omits the on-air rants about his players and his bad decisions on and off the field which irreparably harmed our ten in a row bid.

Celtic fans have been discussing Celtic’s comments all day but a few have gone onto Tom English’s twitter feed to ask why Tom gave Neil a free ride and just listened to the former Hoops boss instead of challenging him on some points.

The comments got heated but Tom told one fan to ‘get over it’ because Neil is a club legend.

Neil is a club legend but like so many before him, if he continues to put supporters down in the media, he will quickly find himself in an ex-Celt media bracket with people he doesn’t really care for.


  1. Neil Lennon is a legend of Celtic. Ten-in-a-row means heehaw compared to a quadruple treble. The former relates to an extinct rivalry, the latter to world professional footballing history – go figure.


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