Was Michael O’Halloran in the Celtic end yesterday as the Hoops clinched the double treble?!

Ibrox fans seem to think so and they’re not happy.

Here is a picture that was taken by a Celtic fan on Saturday.

You be the judge and check out the comments below.

This abuse is hot off the heels of O’Halloran visiting a chapel and receiving vile sectarian abuse for doing so.

O’Halloran was once on the books at Celtic before being let go and was brought up a Celtic fan so it would be no surprise to us if he was in supporting the mighty Glasgow Celtic yesterday while his own club were tweeting congratulations to the royals.


  1. This is brilliant as it confirms the Huns we’re watching the game and not the wedding, they must have been spitting blood then heading for the nearest window !! Fannies

  2. lol!!!! Oh!! Really grow up I mean what o halleron had been at the game first he happens to be a sportsman and yesterday was the culmination of the Scottish season
    Second the man is a Celtic fan Stevie g apparently is a self confessed Celtic fan WOW would have loved it if he was spotted there huh
    Honestly the zombies need to get a grip

  3. Not all Rifc fans are bigotted. But it seems they don’t know their own history. All six years worth until now. Will they ever learn. So Micky’s Da works for Celtic ( I Trained Wae him), Micky played for Celtic, he was a Young. Republican player. He supports Celtic. So he went to a game wae some of his friends. King Kenny Dalglish, went to see Rfc Wae his mates. Ya bunch of ignorant munch, go to the back of the classroom and face the wall😀😀

  4. The fact some Huns dole money paid for Mickeys ticket to Hampden to watch history being made must feel like salt being poured on their bealing wounds hope he enjoyed the party afterwards more than they did.

  5. I reckon he`s tired of the shi7e they`ve spouted at him (and others) And is going to move. Although they can pay him first. # Hey Micky Your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind. ……. Hey Micky ….. Hey Micky.#


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