CHRIS SUTTON went in on an English fan on BBC Radio on Saturday night after Robbie Savage set up a top; who is bigger? Celtic or Manchester City.

The radio station must have been struggling for callers at the time to bring up such a silly topic. Any Premier League fan, even a Sheffield Utd would suggest their club is bigger than the Scottish champions, confusing money in their bank with history and success.

With Chris Sutton in the hot seat, he certainly wasn’t going to shirk from his position he believes Celtic are bigger than Manchester City and when asked to explain himself, he did:

“Come on, who’s got the star on the jersey? Celtic are much bigger, of course, we’ve had this argument with Celtic and Leicester.

“It’s true, get your head around it, they are a bigger club.

“Man City might have the money, Celtic have the history, Celtic have the European Cup.”

Well said by Chris Sutton.

There’s a snobbery among supporters down south, they take satisfaction they can pay well over the odds for an average player because the English market is broken. Any transfer scenario which leads to Oli McBurnie going for £17.5m [BBC] clearly needs a reset.


  1. I think the bigger club is or should be based on global fan base in which case not many teams in England can compete with Celtic.some years ago our world wide fan base was calculated to be around 7million with supporters clubs on nearly every continent. I find it hard to believe city should be compared to Celtic when week in and week out the empty seats in their stadium are there for all to see. We have 53thousand season ticket holders how many do city have? HAIL HAIL🍀.

  2. We are by far the biggest club but I wouldn’t use the empty seats at City as an argument.
    Plenty empty seats at CP too-We have 53k STH but at virtually all the home games we have around 20-30k who don’t bother to show up


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