Giorgos Giakoumakis led the line for the Hoops on Wednesday evening. Despite not getting on the scoresheet, the Greek striker put in an impressive performance.

The presence the striker offers is different from what Kyogo and Maeda can offer. His height and strength is used to bully the defenders and giving them a hard time.

In the first half, and into the second, Giakoumakis barely gave The Rangers’ back line a break. He challenged for every ball and even chased those in possession down. Last season’s top scorer in Holland even helped out defensively.

The striker could, and should, have scored tonight and many fans will be frustrated he never, however, credit should be given to the player.

When previously playing, Giakoumakis has held the ball up well and won the team some fouls, giving the defence a break while under pressure.

Maeda came off the bench tonight but struggled to influence the game, with all the goals coming in the first half.


  1. Now did he do well he Giakoumakis just needs the luck to hit the back of the net that will come soon he can lead the line and defend from the front he is a player he will get even better..


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