The Celtic turning point in Germany was Nir Bitton having to come off with a knock, but also the number of subs Ange made, especially in attack.

It’s clear tonight, Celtic’s lack of depth hurt us big time.

Ange’s subs at 2-1 to Celtic were to bring off Jota, Kyogo and Forrest – totally changing the dynamic of the game. The three lads were likely out on their feet, but you have to imagine they could have given a bit more than Abada, Johnston and Ajeti.

Celtic’s lack of depth has hurt us this season it’s been our undoing tonight.

In Hindsight, those changes killed the game for Celtic.

Leading 2-1 in German after going a goal down is no easy feat. However, we had to be better.

McCarthy was also pretty poor when introduced for the injured Bitton.

We were undone by two great goals towards the end of the game. We nearly nicked a draw at the death but, it wasn’t to be.

I would question Ange’s wisdom if he changed the top three again during a game where we’re not comfortably ahead.

It’s a lesson learned tonight, who can you trust.


  1. We still need some quality added to the team, basic mistakes late in the game cost us. McCarthy was never going to be a good signing, he’s hardly played the last two years and cannot get up to the pace we require. The subs were poor but we’ve forgot how to see a game out. Play ugly disrupt the game, knock it out and get behind the ball, commit fouls in their half just see it out. Too many times we were trying to score again. We are on the right path and let’s not forget they are a proper team. January is key going forward, get rid of a few and bring in some real quality and we will definitely be onto something.

  2. game was getting away from us anyway…we needed legs.
    we have played a lot better than this in europe and been absolutely horsed, i actually thought this was an error strewn performance especially from calmac.

  3. Mccarthy is rotten, offers nothing. MJ continues to get opportunity after opportunity with people giving him the benefit of the doubt, based solely on the idea he is some sort of prodigious youngster – at 22 he’s played something like the equivalent of 15 games of football in 5 years…
    4 subs almost at the same time, mental decision. Disrupted the team completely at a crucial time.

    And Joe Hart…2 poor goals conceded in final 10 mins.

  4. We have virtually no cover beyond a basic 11. Ange has already said it. But I questioned bringing three players on, who were slow to join the pace of the game, probably didn’t, and dropping back 20m to allow the Germans to bring the ball out. A defence that were clearly struggling with the press of the original three forwards. But I’m still happy with the progress and it is now up to the board to support Ange in bringing the right players in quickly. I can but hope, its all the working class ever had.

  5. I agree with most of what people have said here – 2-1 with 11 mins to play we should have been able to see it out or at the very least clung on for the draw we needed. Our squad is barely good enough for domestic football never mind Europe. Maybe lessons have been learned from this game and we can put in a good show in the Europa Conference;there’s a good few teams in this competition so we could have a few more great European encounters.
    Let’s all get behind Ange and the players and back them all the way to regaining ‘OUR’ title. Hail Hail ☘️☘️

  6. Bring in 4 to 6 in jan window clear out the 6 dead players in jan and let Ange have the tools not just to get in front of the good teams but lets us roll them over home and away…


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