This will fly under the radar somewhat after the league title win on Wednesday night but there was another great bit of news for the Celtic support this morning. The planned parking restrictions by GCC that would’ve seen supporters pushed out of parking around the perimeter of the stadium on match days has been scrapped.

This was in the pipeline for some time and it would have severely inconvenienced match day goers who drive to the stadium to watch the bhoys in green and white.

Celtic have been fighting the case and stating their opposition to the measures. In most countries, governments and councils try to help their football fans get to and from stadiums. In Scotland, they try to make it as difficult as possible.

Thankfully, Glasgow City Council has scene sense and this motion will go no further.

It’s difficult enough to get to and from games with the inept Police Scotland managing traffic on the day. They don’t make it easy for supporters either.


  1. Most weeks over 30 minutes to get 200 yards from Jock Stein car park to main road in supporters bus. Disgraceful policing. Why cant they get all the buses cleared quicker than that. Because they dont want too. Thats why.


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