Glasgow City Council have provided their update on plans to bring in a parking exclusion zone around Celtic Park which would impact heavily on match days.

Local residents along with the council want to see cars being pushed back and have a mile boundary around Celtic Park and the emirates where people attending events cannot use the streets for parking.

On a regular match day, the streets are full of Cars as supporters make their way to the game.

Celtic have been trying to fight this as it will negatively impact on supporters and perhaps attendance.

The councils update today states there will be two hearings about bringing this exclusion zone in but before that, there will be a pre-hearing to set out the agenda.

If anyone would like more information. Please contact John Paul Taylor – Celtic Fan SLO,

Hopefully common sense will prevail and something can be worked out.


  1. Glasgow city council and some of residents should be more concerned about state of pavements and some streets in area .old furniture and beds and dogs mess being dumped


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