Celtic finally dropped their semi-final ticket allocation for Hampden in April this week. The club explained there wasn’t enough tickets for demand even with strict parameters in place.

To be in the ballot for a ticket you had to be a Celtic season ticket holder AND be on the Home Cup Ticket Scheme.

Celtic’s have over 50k season ticket holders and over 30k on their HCTS. It means there are always going to be losers when a 50/50 ticket allocation comes into play at Hampden.

The Hoops will get just under 25k for the game against our Glasgow rivals.

With all that at play, it’s so disheartening to see the secondary market come into play for this game – as it has on many occasions as of late.

Fans who have given themselves the best chance to be there are missing out but we have tickets on sale for ten times their value in some instances.

Our editor put out a screen shot of one site selling briefs for both sections and profiting off the in-demand event.

No doubt people will buy these to be at the game on the day but it locks out honest fans and extorts the ones stupid enough to pay these prices.

The club and the association must do more to stop these tickets getting into the hands of scalpers. There has to be mechanisms out there to severely reduce these things from happening.

We have put the information forward to the club as well as the SFA and await any response they might have on the subject.


  1. Should be easy these days, just cancel the ticket so it won’t work at the turnstile.

    Anyone not able to use a ticket should give it back to the club for resale.


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