There has been much made of the Glasgow Derby fixture being played in mid-October. Rival fans who want to gain an advantage by having the game. played as early as possible without fans are crying foul.

The bastions of sporting integrity just a few months back with regards to the SPFL title outcome now want to see a team disadvantaged in a major fixture to suit themselves.

They cite that the first Glasgow Derby is always played earlier than when it’s pencilled in for this season and they see it as a deliberate attempt by the SPFL to give Celtic an advantage.

An advantage? In reality, they’re annoyed the advantage their team might gain from an empty stadium is in jeopardy.

If the argument is this first encounter of the season between two Glasgow clubs has never taken place as late as the new fixtures have it, then we’re afraid it’s 100% wrong.

Here is the fixture list for the 10/11 season.

The game actually took place on the 24th October as it was rescheduled for TV.

The moaning and whinging has become tiresome.

The likelihood is, there will be no chance of a full capacity Celtic Park by the time the game rolls around. If somehow supporters are allowed back in the ground then that’s great for the fixture and for the audience at home.


  1. The myth only exists in the cranially challenged minds of the deluded and gullible, that narrows it down to the sevco fraternity.


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