CELTIC comfortably beat Steven Gerrard’s men on their own turf on Sunday after two months of intense Ibrox propaganda from some in the mainstream media.

It was a crash, bang and wallop back down to earth for the moon units who inhabit a space on this earth somewhere between entitlement and delusion.

I know, they should be used to getting beat by Celtic these days but this one was a shock to their system. If you think it wasn’t – you just have to look at how one of their own players reacted after the second goal went in. Jordan Jones flew in with the intent to hurt a fellow professional. No ifs, no buts, no maybes; Jones sole purpose was to do damage to a Celtic player and perhaps put him on the sideline.

What he did instead was go over on his own leg and leave Ibrox on crutches.

As a Celtic fan, I do very much believe karma woke up in 2012 and has been pretty unrelenting since. Jones now faces months out injured as a result of his thuggish act according to SunSport.

The attack on Mortiz Bauer at Ibrox was a manifestation of two months of hardcore, staunch, unadulterated, brown brogue sniffing hype and the sobering realisation that even with Celtic having three derby debutants in defence and a midfielder to join them – they still couldn’t lay a glove on us. Jones lashed out and he got exactly what he deserved.

As I look back at the game, I smile. Eddy’s cool as you like goal, Jonny Hayes of all people putting the final nail in the coffin and the fantastic visual of Scott Arfield hanging on to Ntcham’s coattails for dear life as the Frenchman forged ahead. It was delicious.

Get well soon Jordan Jones.


  1. Jones showed on Sunday his upbringing, as a thug brought up in N.I. and of orange decent. And it showed . I hope you never darken a football field again , as you should be sine died for that attempt at breaking a fellow professional s leg. Low life at its lowest. Go back and put your uniform back on and stay off football pitches.! You thug, and just once again shows that your team are the shame and scum of Scotland!. H.H.

  2. I just like how Steven Gerrard buys in players then kicks them out and they all accept they are not good enough to play under him,best of all now R Kent is back and when he is fit none of the other 4 or 5 signed will never get a game no matter how hard they try,i do think you can not treat men like that by signing them then moving them out i do think SGs squad will implode in the next few months….

    • Agree 100% Jackie…they’re now hanging over the preverbial cliff wi their tail tied to a dandelion..and they flowers don’t have deep roots.


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